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Author of Preferred Stock Investing

Doug K. Le Du



Doug K. Le Du is a preferred stock researcher and author of the book Preferred Stock Investing, first published in 2006.

Doug is also a syndicated writer for Seeking Alpha and The Motley Fool, a  PortfolioChannel contributor and writes three monthly newsletters regarding preferred stocks and the marketplace that they trade within.

The ten preferred stock selection criteria from Preferred Stock Investing filtered out the 57 preferred stocks from the big banks that would be claimed by the Global Credit Crisis and let pass the 13 issues from the big banks that were saved by acquisition. In 70 out of 70 cases, a 100% success rate for almost two years running, the preferred stock selection criteria found in Preferred Stock Investing protected preferred stock investors.

Doug's academic background is in economics and statistics. Doug retired from his position as Managing Director at one of the world's largest management consulting firms in 2002 to focus on preferred stock research. Doug does not sell preferred stocks nor is he a stock broker or financial adviser.

In September of 2020, Doug announced his retirement, and in October 2020 announced that the CDx3 Notification Service and Preferred Stock List database system have been acquired by BNK Invest, Inc. (BNK), a firm with a long history of providing a wide variety of services to income and value investors.



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