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What is the CDx3 Compliance Rating Score

And what is a "CDx3 Compliance Score" in the first place? This important score ranks preferred stocks (and exchange-traded debt securities) according to a 10-criteria system developed by Doug K. Le Du in his standard-setting book, Preferred Stock Investingdownload your FREE eBook copy of the book now to learn more details about the CDx3 Compliance Score criteria and why it is a must-have ranking tool for preferred stock investors!

When you become a monthly subscriber to the CDx3 Notification Service, you'll gain access to the CDx3 Compliance Score for every preferred stock we cover, plus, you'll get notifications about newly issued preferreds and how they score! Here are the details about our service:


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Additional Service Features:

Investors looking to earn 3x the rate of Bank CDs with high quality preferred stocks, can benefit from our service. In addition to our CDx3 Compliance Scores, here are some of the other features we offer:


Comprehensive CDx3 Notification Service






Preferred Stock ListTM Database  

US-traded preferred stocks- traditionals, trust, 3rd-party trust, ETDs


Downloadable (spreadsheet format), sortable, printable


Current trading data (last trade price, volume, YTC, EAR, CY, chart)


One-click HotLists — the highest quality issues

  And much much more!


Search Engine




Search using 20 characteristics (e.g. issues trading below par right now)


Search by ex-dividend date schedule to see upcoming dividend payers

  One-click 'Stock Check' finds issues with better return for lower price



eMail and/or Text Alerts for new issues

Be among the first to know about new issues


All US exchanges, even the wholesale OTC

  Risk characteristics - ratings, cumulative/non-cumulative, score


Par Cross Alerts for highly rated CDx3 securities


Access to experts and research

Monthly CDx3 Research Notes newsletter

  Return calculators - current yield, yield-to-call, effective annual return
  Preferred stock market trend charts and indicators


Discussion group — incredible group of preferred stock investors


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